Application for admission in class XI started on 9th August

Application for admission in class XI started on 9th August post thumbnail image

The online admission process for class XI is starting from 9th August to 2020-2021 academic year. Admission will continue till September 15. Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education.

It is learned that the quota of freedom fighters, expatriates, and BKSP will be maintained for admission in class XI this year. However, other quotas are not mentioned in the policy. The application process has been canceled via SMS to reduce the complexity and cost of the admission process. Students can only apply to the top 10 institutions online. Besides, the admission fee, application fee, and admission fee have been increased a bit. Sources of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee told that even if the admission time changes, the students will be admitted as per the policy already published.

According to the policy, 5 percent freedom fighters, 0.5 percent BKSP, and 5 percent expatriate quota will be maintained as special quota in the XI. Expatriates need to apply directly to the board for child admission. However, the draft did not mention quotas for departmental and district headquarters and subordinate departments of the Ministry of Education.

This time the admission fee for class XI in MPO registered colleges in Dhaka metropolitan area has been fixed at Tk 5,000. Besides, the admission fee for Bangla medium for partial MPO and non-MPO institutions in Dhaka will be fixed at Tk 9,000 and for English medium at Tk 10,000. The development fee for all organizations cannot be more than 3 thousand rupees. Receipts have been issued in each sector for the collection of money. Besides, the admission fee has been fixed at Tk 1,000 for mopsball and municipal areas, Tk 2,000 for municipal district headquarters, and not more than Tk 3,000 for metropolitan areas other than Dhaka.

Dhaka Board College Inspector Professor. Haroon-ur-Rashid told that according to the admission policy already published, students will be admitted only the schedule has been changed. The full schedule of the admission process will be decided by the Inter-Board Coordinating Sub-Committee in consultation with all very soon.

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