Job seekers are suffering from extreme depression due to corona


Since last March, various recruitment examinations including BCS have been postponed one by one. It goes without saying that there is no notice of any new public-private job at this time. Coronavirus outbreaks are expected to reduce employment opportunities in the coming days. As a result, job seekers are suffering from extreme depression. This information was given in a report published in Kaler Kantha on Thursday (July 23). The report is written by Shariful Alam Sumon.

Concerned individuals say that even if the situation is normal, the job market will not return to its previous place. Because Corona has learned to do more with fewer people. The use of technology has increased a lot. As a result, those who are skilled in various jobs including information technology and have the mentality to do any kind of work, will not have to get too fast to get a job in the future.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) recently released a report on the job market. It has been said that the job market in Bangladesh has collapsed due to the impact of coronavirus. Job advertising has dropped dramatically. Job ads were 35 percent lower in March this year than in March last year. Last April, it decreased by 6 percent. In April, there were 95 percent fewer job advertisements in the clothing and education sectors. In the manufacturing industry, 92 percent less jobs have been advertised. Jobs in the health sector have declined by 71 percent. Although information technology is considered as a possibility for the future, job advertisements have decreased by 72 percent. Job advertisements in private development agencies have declined by 74 percent.

Regarding the job market in the coming days, he said, “In the post-Corona period, job opportunities in companies like e-commerce, logistics, agriculture, food production will increase.” However, highly educated people in our country are causing more problems. Everyone wants to work sitting at a table in an AC room. Candidates are interested in banking or government jobs but there are very few posts. If you want to get a job in the future, you have to change the mentality of the highly educated. If you can create yourself as an entrepreneur, the door of new possibilities will open. ‘

It is learned that in the last four months since the outbreak of corona, more than 100 recruitment tests of government and non-government organizations have been postponed. The recruitment test for the post of Scientific Officer and Accounts Officer of Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Center (BANSDOC) was scheduled to be held on March 20. There were 50 thousand candidates for 35 posts. On the same day, the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism suspended the written test for the recruitment of third and fourth class employees. There were 35,000 candidates for a total of 45 posts in 11 categories of the third and fourth classes of the Cotton Development Board. There were 1.5 million applicants for 1,100 posts in the Food Department. I was thinking of taking this test in March-April. Examinations for various posts of the ACC are also stuck. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been notified for various posts but it has been postponed. The recruitment of several banks and financial institutions is also stuck in the corona. The Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has postponed the 18th Teacher Registration Examination on May 15 and 16. 11 lakh 82 thousand candidates applied for the job.

A total of 12 examinations, including two BCS and 10 non-cadre examinations of the Public Service Commission (PSC), have been suspended due to coronavirus. There is no opportunity to conduct these tests until the situation is normal.

However, PSC has also released the results of the 36th BCS in Corona. Applications for non-cadre posts have also been accepted by those who have passed the BCS. Besides, it has been recommended to appoint two thousand doctors and five thousand senior staff nurses. Although the written test of the 40th BCS has been completed, the publication of results has been postponed due to Corona. As a result, more than 20,000 candidates are waiting. The 41st BCS preliminary examination was scheduled to be held at the end of April this year. Four lakh 75 thousand candidates have applied to take part in it.

PSC chairman said. Mohammad Sadiq said, “We have to take exams in schools and colleges across the country. But at present, it is not possible to take the test. As a result, we will have to wait until the situation returns to normal. But even in Corona, our officers and employees are working at risk. We are working on the results that can be published. ‘

Earlier, job seekers kept an eye on newspapers and various job web portals. In the last four months, there have been no new government or private big job notifications. Most of the job advertisements in the newspapers are given by pharmaceutical companies. But in the last few months, the notifications of these organizations were few and far between.

Bijit Sikder, the joint convener of the Bangladesh General Students Council, said, “Universities are always in session. After that, the job test in Corona has been postponed again. No new ads. As a result, the working-age of many is passing 30 years. We demand that the age limit for entering the job should be 35 years, even if it is for the next three years. ‘

According to the data of the Ministry of Labor and Employment last year, the number of unemployed in the country is 26 lakh 7 thousand. Educated and semi-educated unemployed 23 lakh 7 thousand and uneducated unemployed 3 lakh. Among the unemployed, 10 lakh 43 thousand are educated, who are in higher secondary, undergraduate, and graduate.

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