Little Baby has forgotten her studies.

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Work has started in the factory of the garment worker mother. Slowly my father’s rickshaw is moving. Only little Mohna Akhter has forgotten his studies.

It is difficult to concentrate on the TV class in a crowded house. Lately, the school teacher has been doing research on his mobile phone. My mother is also sending me to study with an aunt in the neighborhood with a hard salary. But in the four months of Corona, just as moss has accumulated in the courtyard of Hazaribagh Girls’ Government Primary School, so has Mohana’s reading habits. Mother Tania Begum said on her mobile phone, “Baby people don’t want to study when school is closed.”

The government has been showing primary classes on TV since April 7. However, many of the children attending the South Khabangpuria Government Primary School in Khagrachhari Sadar do not have a TV at home. Some homes do not have electricity.

Headmaster Vijaya Khisa said, there are also guardians who bring food every day. No one or a mobile phone. He himself has bought notebooks, pens, and soap for many children.

The children of weak and poor families are sitting in the education of Sajapur Fultala Government Primary School in Bogra. One-third of the students of a teacher’s class at Rajmushuri Government Primary School in Dhaka’s Rayerbazar have gone to the village. There is no hope of returning.

Who doesn’t know that the weakest people lose all the opportunities in the disaster? The meaning of the word became clear when he went to know the condition of education of the students of the government primary school in Corona.

Locks in schools. There is no one to teach at home. Online out of reach. Most of the children are from poor families. During the coronation period, the shortage increased and the place moved. According to a BRAC survey last May, 16 percent of children suffer from anxiety.

Thus, many of the nearly one and a half crore children studying in government primary schools are dropping out of school. The educational achievements of the last two decades have gone to hell.

Corona has been on leave at the educational institution since March 16. The holidays have been announced until August 8. However, some top officials of the education administration hinted that the entire month would be closed. Then the decision will be made by understanding the condition of Corona.

The school will open at the end of all. Their holidays can last till September-October. The risk of students falling into the trap of studying in government primary schools is getting bigger. But there is no effective initiative to stop it.

For three months, government primary schools relied solely on classes broadcast on the Sangsad TV channel. On June 26, the government asked teachers in districts to monitor students’ studies on mobile phones.

Even if there is a TV at home, the recorded classes are broadcast. The May survey of private development agency BRAC was conducted in 16 districts of 6 divisions of the country. That said, 56 percent of children are not interested in TV classes.

The education administration of one or two districts is giving up classes recorded on YouTube and Facebook. Many teachers across the country are doing the same themselves. Some big government schools are taking classes online. However, not everyone has the opportunity to watch online.

Classes are now being broadcast on Bangladesh Betar and Community Radio. In addition, a database of teachers is being created to open an ‘education helpline’. Students can talk to the teacher of their choice for five minutes free of charge by calling the helpline.

Director-General of the Department of Primary Education. Fasiullah said in the first light, primary school children are not accustomed to reading outside the class. Even then, the purpose of doing all this is to make the practice of reading last.

In the mobile phone monitoring program, the teachers call the parents on the phone once a week to find out the reading of the student, read it, and ask him to watch the TV class. However, teachers say, many times the phone is off. Even so, how much is one day a week!

Noakhali Sadar Upazila Kripalpur Government Primary School teacher Mohammad Samsuddin said on his mobile phone, many of their 201 students are poor. Not everyone can be contacted. They don’t even watch TV classes very much.

Teachers submit weekly details of phone conversations to the headteacher. He sent the school report to the local education officer. He sent it back to the district. Being monitored, but where is the review?

The effectiveness of TV classes has not been examined. There is no attempt to find a way by reviewing the methods of the schools run online by volunteers and NGOs.

But 80 percent of primary students go to government schools. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics (BANBASE), their number is about 11.5 million. The number of schools is around 6 thousand.

The same story everywhere

July 13 at noon. The gate of Hazaribagh Girls Government School is locked near the old tannery area. The shopkeepers in the area said that sometimes one or two teachers come. Then the lock opens.

On the opposite side is the mobile phone shop of Tuhin, son of Baufal of Patuakhali. His business here is 18 years. He said most of the students in the school are from working families. His brother’s daughter Israt Jahan is in fifth grade here. Brother works in a tannery.

The niece fell home alone as much as she could. Reading is not special. Tuhin said, what else to do! Meanwhile, headmaster SM Chaid Ullah sent the school key to an employee. Boys’ primary school in the same yard adjoining building. The collapsible gate of the building is also locked.

No field. A little bit of algae has fallen in the yard. Weeds have grown on one side. The headmaster said on his mobile phone, go to school if there is stipend distribution or any other work. Or not.

Mohana is in the first class of this school. They rented a house in nearby Kalunagar. The mother of the garment worker and the father of the rickshaw puller both stay out all day. He said on his mother’s mobile phone, he has been going for a private reading in the afternoon for a few days.

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