Ministry’s statement on opening news of educational institutions

Ministry’s statement on opening news of educational institutions post thumbnail image

SEOBAZAR24 Desk: The country’s educational institutions have been closed since March 18 due to the epidemic coronavirus situation. In the meantime, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, the closure of all types of educational institutions in the country was extended by three points and the leave was extended till August 8. According to the latest decision, students in grades six to ten will be required to take class lessons during the holidays at the educational institution through the program ‘My School in My Home’ aired on Parliament Television. However, the government has indicated that the holiday could be extended until next September if the current situation of coronavirus continues.

Meanwhile, on social media Facebook on Wednesday (July 22) at 9.30 pm, a status was reported from the Facebook page of the Bangladesh National Board of Education, saying, “Maintaining social distance after Eid.

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The Ministry of Education has said that the news is baseless and rumors. Students are specially requested not to be distracted by such false and baseless news. The Ministry of Education further said that whenever any decision is taken in this regard, the students will be informed through the media. Besides, the Ministry of Education has not yet taken any decision on opening educational institutions after Eid. Moreover, there is no board called Bangladesh National Board of Education.

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