Prime Minister’s advice is to become an entrepreneur

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has advised the youth not to run after jobs but to become entrepreneurs. Addressing the concerned officials, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “We can attract our youth and encourage them.” Don’t just run after the job, show yourself doing something, work. We have to work with that vision.

The Prime Minister said this at the 7th meeting of the Governing Body of the Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) on Thursday (August 20). He addressed the meeting via video conference from Ganobhaban.

The Prime Minister said our goal is to attract investment. Now a lot of investment – it is always moving from one country to another. The more we can bring the better for us. So as foreign investment comes, so can those of us who have the ability to invest in the country. We should also encourage those of us who are small investors.

Referring to the creation of special economic zones for domestic and foreign investment, the Prime Minister said, “We need to attract domestic and foreign investment in industrialization.” Keeping in mind that we have to specify the place for industrialization. Because when we go to do a job, we have a problem with the land. ‘

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We want industrialization in our country. Because without industrialization we will not be able to provide such employment. Again we need to increase production as well. We have to make efforts for industrialization keeping in mind the need to increase the purchasing power of the people of the country, to meet the demand, to increase exports at the same time.

Instructing to ensure the protection of agricultural land and the environment with the development of industrialization, the Prime Minister said that in the case of industrialization, attention should be paid. Although our country is very small in terms of territory, the population is very large and the population is growing. To ensure food security for this population, we need to protect agricultural land.

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