Proposal of examination in a new method in JSC-JDC

ministry of education

The government is thinking of taking only one hour MCQ exam instead of three hours if the JSC-JDC exam can be taken for three months in the current academic year. According to sources, the ministry will prepare guidelines to ask questions to the education boards to verify the skills of the students in all subjects.

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The Bangladesh Examination Development Unit (BEDU), which is working on the examination and assessment system at the secondary and higher secondary levels, has made such a proposal to cover the loss of coronal education. A similar proposal has been made by the National Academy of Primary Education (NAPE).

Information has been received from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and the inter-education board.

Incidentally, Bedu’s four proposals for holding public examinations in Corona have already been submitted to the Ministry of Education.

However, Mahbub Hossain, secretary of the secondary and higher education department of the education ministry, said the proposals have not been received yet. He said the decision would be taken after review. “I have not yet received Bedu’s offer,” he said. Once received, they will be reviewed and timely action will be taken.

Meanwhile, educational institutions at all levels of the country have been closed since March 16 after the outbreak of corona in the country. Classes are being taken online and through Sangsad TV to cover the loss of education for a long time.

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