Severe health risks in online classes

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Experts say that classes cannot be taken online for more than 40-45 minutes under any circumstances. They say that being in small skin for a long time can lead to various mental problems including eyes, ears, neck and head. That’s why you have to take a half hour break after a class. A kind of discrimination is being created among the students as not everyone is able to participate in these teaching activities properly. Experts believe that the concerned authorities should be more aware of these issues.

After a long hiatus, the University Grants Commission (UGC) on Thursday decided to conduct online classes in universities. In a virtual meeting held that day, 48 universities gave their views on taking classes. Later, various institutions started online classes at the secondary and higher secondary level. Then the discussion and criticism started with the class. Education experts have also taken part in these discussions at different times. He also spoke to the media. He highlighted the various risks, inequalities, and irregularities.

Former Vice-Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Prof. Pran Gopal Dutt told Manabkantha that students are able to take classes online only because of the blessings of technology. But APJ Abdul Kalam has a saying, ‘Technology is a sharp weapon on both sides. Cut to the left, cut to the right. Proper use is as beneficial as its misuse but impossibly harmful. In these online classes, the teacher is not having an eye-to-eye contact with the students. Secondly, the teachers can understand by looking at the eyes of the students, but they do not understand the matter. In this case, it is not possible to understand what he is not able to understand, then Biel does not interact. Moreover, there is electrolytic radiation in the classes that are done with the neck straight, which is harmful to human health. This concentration on the small skin is causing neck pain, headache, loss of eyesight.

He said that it would have to be decided how long the online class would take, adding that if the class took 2 hours, it would not take more than 40-45 minutes under any circumstances. You have to take a half-hour break after class. I have to take another class later. No more than two classes can be taken in the morning session. Maybe take another class in the afternoon.

National Nose-Ear-Throat Institute physician. Mahbub Alam told Manabkantha that talking with headphones for a long time causes various problems in the ears. So you should not use headphones for a long time. You have to listen through the gap. Besides, there is a big board in the class but the skin is small on the mobile. If you look at the skin of the mobile for a long time, you also get eye problems. Of course, these losses are not easily understood, they are gradually understood after a long time.

Rasheda K Chowdhury, executive director of the Mass Literacy Campaign and former adviser to the caretaker government, told Manabkantha that various organizations have started online education activities. However, it has not yet been possible to reach out to all students in the country. So online teaching activities are creating a disparity among students. Most students are unable to join online classes because they do not have the necessary devices. As a result, indigent students in remote areas are lagging behind in educational activities. In addition, the price of the Internet has been increased, which is causing more discrimination. Many cannot afford internet. Again, internet is not available in rural areas. Therefore, the government should have reduced the price of internet at this time and taken measures to bring all students under the tutelage.

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