The story of a worthy life partner

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Begum Fazilatunnesa, a member of Sheikhbari from a very young age, was the unique life partner of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib. His brilliance also cast a shadow over Bangabandhu’s political stature. In addition to fulfilling all the responsibilities of the family, he was a force and advisor in the political sphere and activities of the father of the nation. Begum Mujib, a politically conscious woman, was also killed by the barbaric assassins on August 15, 1975, at No. 32, Dhanmondi.

Fazilatunnesa became a worthy companion of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib. When Renu of Tungipara lost her mother at a very young age, Bangabandhu’s mother adopted her as her daughter-in-law. Since then he has been a member of the Sheikh family. His brilliant presence in various events of Bangabandhu’s life has repeatedly moved everyone. But the brutality of midnight at seventy-five stunned him as well.

Begum Fazilatunnesa proved by her own quality, as a wife, how much companionship she had given to Sheikh Mujib to become Bangabandhu, how much sacrifice she had accepted, how much strength and courage she had given. The assassins may not have spared this reclusive woman just because she became strong in her political career.

Apart from shouldering all the responsibilities of the family, she has always stood by Bangabandhu’s political comrades and workers with a motherly mind.

Begum Mujib’s intelligence and memory were keen. Every time Bangabandhu was arrested, he used to go to the jail under the pretext of meeting his husband and inform him about all the news and events of the movement. Although not directly involved in politics, his prudence has helped Bangabandhu to make the right decision in many difficult times.

When the Pakistanis launched an attack on March 25, 1971 and arrested Bangabandhu, he was also detained. Begum Mujib remained imprisoned in a house in Dhanmondi with her children for nine long months of the liberation war.

When the country became independent, when Bangabandhu returned, Fazilatunnesa was by his side all the time in the struggle to run the country and build the country. But the demonic barbarism of the anti-national players puts an end to everything. Begum Mujib was torn in the brushfire of the killers.

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