There may be a holiday in educational institutions till next September.

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All educational institutions in the country have been closed for more than four months due to infection with the new coronavirus (Covid-19). According to the latest announcement, there is a holiday in the educational institution until August 8. In this situation, before Eid, teachers, students, and parents ask, will the holidays of the educational institution be increased or will it be opened?

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and the Ministry of Education have been asked to find out the answer to such a question. There is no possibility of opening an educational institution even before September. There is a possibility of announcing the holiday extension before Eid.

Educational institutions in the country have been closed since March 16 due to coronavirus. However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had earlier hinted that if the situation of infection continues, there may be a holiday in educational institutions till next September.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education takes care of the primary education of the country. Asked about school holidays, Primary and Mass Education Secretary Akram-al-Hossain told Prothom Alo on Sunday, “Holidays will definitely increase. In that case, I will not be able to open before September. Safety of children before. Then something else. We are moving towards September. I will not open the school before September. ‘

The issue of education from secondary to higher education of the country is managed through the Ministry of Education. A senior official of the Ministry of Education said in the first light, in the situation of coronavirus infection, even if the educational institution is opened now, who will send the children to the educational institution? Although this official did not say directly, he explained that the holidays are increasing in the educational institutions. The official said the government’s decision on holidays in educational institutions would be announced before Eid.

Mahbub Hossain, secretary of the secondary and higher education department of the education ministry, told Prothom Alo that they were reviewing the situation. Holidays will probably be announced before Eid.

As many as four crore students are at high risk as the educational institutions have been closed for more than four months due to corona. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics, out of the total students in the country, about two and a quarter crore children are at the primary level. And the number of students at the secondary level is a little more than a quarter of a crore. Public exams like HSC are stuck. The session jam is increasing. Private schools and colleges are in a financial crisis. In Corona’s reality, the longer this closure lasts, the more the damage will naturally increase. In the existing reality, the

government is promoting classes through the TV at the school level. Emphasizing online classes in colleges and universities. And if the situation is normal, it is planned to cut the syllabus and take the test. It is also being considered to reduce the subject of this year’s Higher Secondary (HSC) examination and take it in less time. If there is a delay in opening the educational institution, the education administration is also thinking of extending the current academic year from December and adding two to three months next year. In fact, everything depends on the situation.

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