Top 22+ Best Free/Premium WordPress Plugins for any Website

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Best Free WordPress Plugins for Every Website

You’ve likely heard the familiar proverb ‘there ain’t nothing of the sort like a free lunch’. In any case, as much as I love Heinlein, in the realm of WordPress, there really is!

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Without looking excessively hard, you can discover piles of astonishing best free WordPress plugins modules that include a wide range of accommodating usefulness to your WordPress site. Such modules can assist you with creating better substance, advertise your site all the more viably, and keep it stacking rapidly and murmuring along easily… All without you expecting to spend a dime.

As a tribute to the liberal designers behind these modules — and to assist you with finding some incredible ‘best free WordPress plugins modules for your site — we’ve gathered what we consider to be the best free WordPress plugins modules ever, in light of both individual experience and the client surveys/their ubiquity at

We’ll partition these modules into four general classifications. Modules that are useful for:

•        creating substance of assorted types (everything from a fundamental structure to eCommerce usefulness)

•        marketing and SEO

•        performance, security, and upkeep

•        advanced clients who like fiddling.

Regardless of whether you’re an easygoing client or somebody who preferences messing with custom fields and post types, you should locate some extraordinary free alternatives on this rundown.

How about we begin…

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Creating Content of All Types

Regardless of whether you need to make a contact structure, fabricate increasingly excellent pages, or add eCommerce usefulness to your WordPress site, these modules can help. Those who make website by using WordPress Plugins can run very smoothly.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins ninja

Ninja is one of the best WordPress Plugins that can run well. Each site needs a contact page, and, with regards to contact structures (or different kinds of structures), Ninja Forms is a standout amongst other free alternatives you’ll discover. This is most likely why it’s dynamic on in excess of a million sites.

It includes an apprentice neighborly intuitive interface, and AJAX structure accommodation so individuals can present a structure without a page reload.

What’s more, on the off chance that you ever feel restricted by the (liberal) free center variant, you can generally get additional usefulness with Ninja Forms’ enormous library of premium augmentations.

To get premium wordpress plugins NINJA FORM Click Here


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins Elementor

Elementor is a front-end intuitive page manufacturer of WordPress Plugins. This implies it lets you configuration confounded looking pages without having to know a solitary line of code.

Basically, it makes website architecture available to anybody.

Despite the fact that Elementor just propelled in 2016, it’s as of now developed to where it’s dynamic on in excess of 900,000 sites, and it’s additionally kept up a 4.8-star rating on in excess of 740 audits.

Peruse our Elementor survey for more data.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins woocommerce

In the event that you need to make an eCommerce store with WordPress plugins, WooCommerce is the best approach to do it. Hell, on the off chance that you need to make an eCommerce store period, WooCommerce is the best approach to do it. As indicated by BuiltWith, this free module controls over 45% of all eCommerce stores.

It’s dynamic on in excess of 4 million destinations, has a 4.6-star rating on in excess of 2,900 surveys, and, above all, it outright works.

Look at certain instances of WooCommerce stores.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins tablepress

TablePress has one of the most noteworthy evaluations I’ve at any point seen for a WordPress module:

It has an ideal 5-star rating on in excess of 3,286 votes at

What’s more, as somebody who has utilized this module a lot, I can say it merits all of those 5-star surveys.

On the off chance that you have to show any kind of table on your WordPress site, TablePress can deal with it.

It gives you a basic, Excel-like interface directly in your WordPress dashboard. You can import information from Excel or Google Sheets, utilize any sort of media in your table, and expand it with an enormous assortment of free additional items.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins code snippets

On the off chance that you like to fiddle with your WordPress site, you most likely as of now have a close connection with your topic’s functions.php record.

Code Snippets significantly disentangles utilizing functions.php code pieces in two different ways:

•       It lets you include each code piece independently utilizing a custom title. You can likewise enact/deactivate singular pieces varying, making it significantly simpler to remain sorted out.

•       Your code bits will remain with your site regardless of whether you switch subjects.

Those advantages are the reason it has a 4.8-star rating at

6. Shrewd SLIDER 3

Free/Premium WordPress Plugins shrewd slider 3

Like exhibitions, slider modules give you another supportive method to show media content on your site. What’s more, with regards to free slider modules, Smart Slider 3 is a standout amongst other you’ll discover — which is the reason it has a 4.9-star rating on in excess of 450 audits at

Savvy Slider 3 gives you an apprentice inviting live slide editorial manager, just as some lovely formats to kick you off. Indeed, even in the free form, you’ll feel like you’re utilizing a premium module.

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Marketing and SEO

Regardless of whether you’re advertising by positioning your site in the SERPs or growing an email list, these free modules can assist with moving the needle on your showcasing endeavors.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins yoast seo

Yoast is the best plugins of WordPress Plugins. Dynamic on in excess of 5,000,000 locales, and with a great 4.9-star rating on in excess of 21,000 audits, Yoast SEO is the true SEO module for most WordPress destinations — WinningWP included.

This free module can deal with the entirety of the significant parts of your site’s on-page SEO — from controlling your titles and meta portrayals to making XML sitemaps — and it can even assistance you to break down your substance for SEO improvement and coherence.

All things considered, there’s a motivation behind why Yoast SEO is one of the most well known WordPress modules in presence.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins redirection

Eventually while you’re running your site, you’re most likely going to need to change the URL of a post or page. It happens to us all.

At the point when that occurs, you’ll need an approach to divert traffic from the old post to the new post.

That is the thing that Redirection does.

It gives you a graphical interface where you can without much of a stretch deal with the entirety of your site’s 301 sidetracks — which is significantly more easy to understand than attempting to delve into your .htaccess document each time you need to include another divert.

You can likewise get inventive with your sidetracks —, for example, restrictively diverting somebody dependent on whether they’re signed in — and the entirety of this is accessible for nothing from a responsive designer who works at Automattic.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins pretty links

On the off chance that you use offshoot advertising on your WordPress site, you realize how monstrous associate connections can be.

Among WordPress Plugins, Pretty Links lets you change that by shrouding associate connections utilizing your own space.

For instance, shrouding is the reason any subsidiary connections you see here at WinningWP utilize the configuration ‘’.

In the event that you need, you can even track what number of snaps each connection gets.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins broken link checker

As your site ages, it’s constantly going to get broken connections. By broken connections, I mean either inner connections or outer connections that no longer go where they should.

Broken Link Checker can push you to consequently get these connections by examining the entirety of your inward or outer connections. At that point, you can without much of a stretch update the entirety of the wrecked connects to guarantee your guests have an extraordinary encounter.

*While Broken Link Checker is an incredible module, I suggest that you leave it crippled when not being used to maintain a strategic distance from any exhibition hits.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins addtoany share buttons

There are a ton of extraordinary online networking share button modules, so it’s difficult to pick only one. In any case, in the event that you need a colossal determination of informal organizations (100 or more), extraordinary looking catches, and a free sticker price, it’s difficult to turn out badly with AddToAny Share Buttons.

Dynamic on in excess of 500,000 destinations, it’s the most well known offer catch module at, and it has an incredible 4.7-star rating on in excess of 730 audits to oblige that prevalence.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins mailchimp for wordpress

In the event that you need to manufacture an email show, you can discover a ton of incredible email advertising administrations, yet perhaps the greatest name — and one that likewise offers a liberal free arrangement — is MailChimp.

To assist you with building your MailChimp list on WordPress, you can utilize the greatly mainstream MailChimp for WordPress module. This module is dynamic on in excess of a million destinations, has a noteworthy 4.9-star rating on very nearly a thousand surveys, and makes it simple to make extraordinary glancing select in structures for your MailChimp bulletin.

You can figure out how to utilize this module, just as MailChimp when all is said in done, in our huge guide on the best way to set up a bulletin for your WordPress site.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins monsterinsights

After you’ve utilized the above modules to help your site’s SEO and online life, you’ll need an approach to really investigate how the entirety of your showcasing endeavors are doing.

That is the place MonsterInsights comes in. It causes you to not just introduce the Google Analytics following code on your WordPress site, yet additionally to see information from Google Analytics without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you need, it can even assistance you to follow your guests’ activities —, for example, which fastens and interfaces they click the most.

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Performance, Security, and Maintenance

Back-end site the executives isn’t attractive, however the free modules in this area may simply be the most significant on this rundown. They’ll assist you with speeding up your site, make it secure, and just for the most part keep everything murmuring along.

14. Extremely SIMPLE SSL

Free/Premium WordPress Plugins extremely simple ssl

 Moving your WordPress site to HTTPS/SSL is an incredible method to make it increasingly secure for both you and your guests, and it will likewise assist you with avoiding the dreadful Not Secure alerts that Google is adding to Chrome for ALL non-HTTPS destinations.

With the accessibility of free SSL testaments, it won’t cost you a dime — you simply need an approach to securely move your WordPress site to HTTPS.

That is the thing that Really Simple SSL does. It’s fundamentally a single tick answer for set up diverts, update your old URLs, and handle everything else you have to never really move your site to HTTPS.

Along these lines, Really Simple SSL has immediately amassed a 4.8-star rating on in excess of 375 votes at, and is as of now utilized on in excess of a million locales.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins worddefence security

Dynamic on in excess of 2,000,000 locales, Wordfence is the most well known WordPress security module. It can execute the vast majority of the significant WordPress security solidifying in an across the board bundle, including:

•       a firewall

•       malware examines

•       login solidifying.

While there is an exceptional adaptation, the free form is as yet an incredible alternative for most locales, which is the reason Wordfence has a 4.8-star rating on in excess of 3,200 surveys.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins updraftplus

 It’s significant that you back up your WordPress site, in this way, on the off chance that anything ever turns out badly, you have a working duplicate to be safe.

There are some extraordinary premium reinforcement administrations, for example, VaultPress, yet with regards to free reinforcement modules nothing beats UpdraftPlus.

This free module has a 4.8-star rating on in excess of 2,800 audits, and is dynamic on in excess of a million locales.

It lets you physically or consequently back up your site with a solitary snap, and you can even naturally have UpdraftPlus store your reinforcement on cloud administrations, for example, Dropbox or Google Drive.

On the off chance that you ever need to reestablish your site, UpdraftPlus lets you do it with a single tick.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins duplicator

 There are a wide range of reasons why you may need to move your WordPress site sooner or later. You may need to:

•       move WordPress to another host

•       upload your site from a nearby improvement site to your live host

•       create your own facilitated arranging site.

Regardless of what your explanation, the free Duplicator module can help. This helpful module sends out your whole WordPress site as two basic documents. To move your site, you should simply transfer those records to the new area, run the robotized installer, and consider it daily.

 That convenience is the reason Duplicator has a 4.9-star rating on in excess of 1,700 audits at


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins autoptimize

Autoptimize encourages you to accelerate your WordPress site by improving your site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. It does this through:

•       minification — it expels pointless characters from your site’s code, (for example, blank area)

•       concatenation — it joins different separate documents into one.

Furthermore, it likewise has some different improvements —, for example, the capacity to concede JavaScript and upgrade Google Fonts.


 Smush is another free module that can improve your site’s exhibition — this time, via consequently compacting and resizing the pictures you transfer to your WordPress site.

Free/Premium WordPress Plugins smush image compression and optimization

Smush utilizes lossless pressure, which implies your pictures won’t lose any quality — they’ll simply have a littler document size!

It lets you advance boundless pictures for nothing (with a 1 MB document size max per picture), and is very simple to utilize — which is the reason it has a 4.8-star rating on in excess of 3,800 audits, and is dynamic on in excess of a million destinations.


 Past utilizing a solid username/secret key combo, probably the most ideal approaches to make sure about your login page from savage power assaults is by restricting the quantity of endeavors a client can make.

Free/Premium WordPress Plugins login lockdown

This is the reason on the off chance that you enter an inappropriate data when signing into your internet banking, you’ll normally get bolted out after three off base endeavors.

Login Lockdown lets you add that equivalent usefulness to your WordPress site — and it even lets you control the specific measures for what number of endeavors a client can make and to what extent they get bolted out for.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins Google Authenticator

 The free Google Authenticator module lets you lock down your login page much more by including two-factor validation by means of the Google Authenticator application.

It’s free for boundless clients, and it’s likewise extremely simple to actualize.

For total true serenity with regards to animal power assaults, this is an extraordinary choice.


Free/Premium WordPress Plugins akismet anti spam

 As a result of its notoriety, a grievous symptom of WordPress is that its locales pull in a great deal of remark spam.

Akismet Anti-Spam encourages you to destroy this via naturally screening the entirety of your approaching remarks for spam.

It works superbly, which is the reason it has a 4.7-star rating on in excess of 775 surveys. It’s additionally evolved via Automattic, so you can confide in its quality and life span.

Best Free WordPress Plugins For Advanced Users Who Like Tinkering

In the event that including code pieces and custom post types is your concept of a great Saturday evening (or in case you’re only a propelled client), these modules will make your life simpler without costing a penny.


 Head, Footer and Post Injections works on a comparable rule to Code Snippets — just as opposed to pushing you to add code to your functions.php document, it encourages you to add code pieces to your:

 •       header

•       footer

•       post content.

Bodes well given the name, isn’t that so?

This usefulness really opens up a ton of advantages. You can:

•       add following contents, for example, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or some other JavaScript code that requirements to go in your <head> segment

•       inject advertisements or other substance above or beneath your post content.

The module even lets you restrictively infuse code contingent upon whether a guest is on a work area or cell phone.

Those highlights clarify why Head, Footer and Post Injections shakes a 4.9-star rating on in excess of 400 audits at

Which Are Your Favorite Free WordPress Plugins?

Furthermore, there you have it! In light of individual experience, just as the numerous commentators at, these are 26 of the most accommodating and best free WordPress modules.

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